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Meet 'n' Fuck: Sal - Wins Daily First!

2009-04-23 03:36:28 by cnk

Wow, just wow. This came as a total surprise! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Newgrounds actually appreciates quality work, that has taken it's author more than a half year to complete! Thank you so much!

Also, just after an hour the news hit front page, my cell started ringing, and you wouldn't believe who it was. Uwe Boll, cinemas greatest and most succesful talent! Yes, he actually called me to congratulate on my succes! I was deeply touched. But what came after that, is something I'd really never could have imagined.

Mr. Boll bought the right to Meet 'n' Fuck: Sal!! OMG, don't you think that's some awesome news?! There's going to be a movie my dear fans! I can hardly wait! We talked about making a multi-movie deal, and It seems like my next few projects' movie adaptations have already been greenlight by Boll KG, even tho, they're not completed yet. This is something I'm really looking forward to, because I've always knew, that I have the talent to make Hollywood, and what do you know, I actually did! I want to thank newgrounds and my fans for their support, without them, I've could have never been able to make it to the big ones!

Thank you newgrounds, and thank YOU my fans!

With Love:

#PS: On a side note, I've made $62 dollars and 12 cents with the new newgrounds ad revenue system, thanks to Meet 'n' Fuck: Sal. In only one day! WOW!

Meet 'n' Fuck: Sal - Wins Daily First!


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