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The Street FIghter Collab is out!

2009-04-28 14:30:34 by cnk


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2009-04-28 14:39:07

Ha ha! I loved it!


2009-04-28 14:54:11



2009-04-28 15:04:49

Why is it that all of the good reviews were deleted? Are the moderators finally starting to lose their minds? None of us said anything even remotely abusive!

cnk responds:

Snawsball deleted them all. I dunno why, but the comment below this kinda proves you're right.

Also there's probably some other shit they want to give an award to, in which they are involved in some way.


2009-04-28 15:48:57

It was good, maybe too good, you should try and scale it down a bit. Know what I mean


2009-04-28 20:45:11

I know you guys don't like snawsball but i talk to the guy personally and he can't delete reviews.

He has no mod powers whats so ever.

(Updated ) cnk responds:

Well I don't know who the guy is, but for some reason he doesn't like me. And yes, he has mod powers, but not with this account.